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Since June 1995, over 3,600 UK and international companies have joined the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), raising £92 billion through new and further issues and contributing around £25 billion in GDP to the UK economy every year. Home now to around 1100 companies from over 40 sectors around the globe, AIM has firmly established itself as the world’s most successful growth market.

As a Scottish company building ambition towards scaling, or one already well on the growth trajectory, our annual AIM Summits help nurture future aspirations towards participating in the ELITE programme and possibly listing in the future.

The Summits provide an understanding of what the ELITE programme entails, if it is right for your company and at what point you should start preparing your company for joining AIM. The Summits take the form of an afternoon information session followed by a networking dinner.

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Scottish Companies in the IT & Digital, Life Sciences & Food & Drinks sectors

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