The best investment opportunity for young businesses in Scotland

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About EIE Scotland

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) is Scotland’s premier technology investor showcase connecting 60 Scottish technology companies with potential investors, partners and customers.

EIE is much more than a turn up and pitch event though. Over 4 months we invest time and money (more than £6k per company) in preparing you to take to the stage. The EIE programme will refine your proposition; perfect your pitch; develop your stage skills for a confident and natural performance; and get you investor ready so you can fully capitalize on the connections you will make on the day. With over 1,000 people in attendance including 250+ UK, European and International investors in attendance, there are plenty of connections to be made.

The skills gained during EIE go far beyond the event itself and once accepted onto EIE, you will become part of a valuable network of some of the most inspiring and aspiring technology companies in Scotland.


Who’s it for?

Scottish data-driven and informatics based high-growth ventures across specified sectors.


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EIE - The best investment opportunity for young Scottish businesses

EIE is a journey not just one day. Hear why these Scottish companies are glad they made the journey in 2017.


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