IV Tuesday with Alex Van Someren – what a night!

30 March 2016

Alex van Someren, Managing Partner of Early Stage Funds at Amadeus Capital, first spoke at an iVTuesday way back in April 2013. An Edinburgh stalwart, with a daughter educated at the University of Edinburgh, he’s invested and has investors locally as well as attending a number of Informatics Ventures events. On that occasion Alex took us thro his journey to date – “I worked very hard and was fairly lucky” – but left us tantalizingly suspended in 2008, with the acquisition by Thales UK of nCipher, the cryptographic security company he built from scratch to IPO with his brother, Nicko.


A few months ago, Alex agreed to return to deliver a second iVTuesday, which took place earlier this week. In the few days before, Alex and I chatted (ok, we emailed back and forth a lot!) and chatted about taking the story up from where he left us in 2008. Happily he decided on a different tack and, on Tuesday just past, delivered one of the most self-deprecating, warts and all, humorous even, keynotes we’ve ever had on an iVTuesday.


For those of you who couldn’t make it along, why not see for yourselves…



A thank you courtesy we extend to all our iVTuesday speakers, Alex was finally escorted off the premises to dinner. Curry was his preference so off to Voujon we went on the recommendation of my colleague, Siobhan (and very good it was too!). The beers and food were ordered, the chat went on and the time passed. I’ll keep what was discussed close to my chest – what’s spoken of in Voujon and all that – but I will say that our technology investor showcase, EIE, came up towards the end of the meal – Alex is a welcome supporter and has attended a few over the years. In particular, we discussed with Alex the beginnings of our thoughts and (big!) plans for EIE in 2017, quite amazingly then, in what will be its tenth year. It’s my turn to tantalize you now and I’m keeping what came out of that chat close to my chest. All I’ll say for now is, just watch this space…

By Dr Steve Ewing, Informatics Ventures

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