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Robotical: The Crowdfunding Adventures of Marty

15 July 2016

It's the first of our Scottish Tech Entrepreneur Series focusing on crowdfunding with an interview with Robotical about their ongoing campaign!

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Which Crowdfunding Site?

14 July 2016

As testament to the growth in interest for crowdfunding, we are seeing more market segmentation with niche platforms popping up all the time. It might be hard to choose from the plethora of platforms available, but getting it right is worth every penny, so here is our infographic of the 6 main crowdfunding sites used in the UK.

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Reach your crowdfunding target!

8 July 2016

Crowdfunding isn't for everyone, so give yourself the best chance at crowdfunding success with there 5 top tips!

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Crowdfunding Facts or Fads

8 July 2016

Highlighted by the Scottish Crowdfunding report, as more and more start-ups pursue this route to growth finance, it’s an ideal time to take a more in-depth look at the misconceptions which have emerged.

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Scotland is 'into' Crowdfunding in 2016

8 July 2016

Crowdfunding is gaining traction where it was once considered the shy route to finance and is now fast becoming the next biggest investment trend. With its increasing popularity in SMEs and Scotland, and in partnership with EIE Alumni Robotical, we bring you the following crowdfunding series.

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Taking a look at Teaming with Start-Ups

6 July 2016

In the first event of its kind, Teaming with Start-Ups was focused on how young companies find and bring on board good quality Non-Executive Directors (NED) to advise the executive team in building a company. Here's a look at the day.

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Chris Van der Kuyl: Entrepreneur and Inspirer

1 July 2016

“We must do our utmost to develop inspire and entrepreneurial talent, wherever it is, wherever it needs to be… Where Scotland has the potential to not only imagine the future, but to invest and create it, to be an advocate for world-class entrepreneurship but also contribute to a just and fair society which recognises the talents of many and the entrepreneurial drive of a whole nation.”

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Champagne Celebrations at #iVTue Pitch & Grill

26 May 2016

While the weather may have let us down slightly at Pitch & Grill this week, the pitching certainly didn't disappoint. With over 160 people turning out to hear 18 exciting companies pitch their businesses I think it's fair to say the 2015/16 IV Tuesday series went out with a bang!

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Scottish tech companies invited to apply for China pitch

26 May 2016

Tech companies in Scotland have until 31 May to apply for the chance to pitch to Chinese investors as part of the Scotland China programme organised by Informatics Ventures, We Are The Future, The Asia Scotland Institute and Scottish Enterprise.

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Top tips for hiring your first employee

6 May 2016

Developing your startup business to a point where you’re ready to employ someone is a real achievement. Recruitment is also a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before, and comes with a lot of responsibility. The following five tips should help guide you through the process.

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Top tips for picking the right venture capital partner for you

28 April 2016

Faced with strong appetite from investors how do you sieve through the sea of interest and pick the right venture capital partner to help you achieve your ambitions? Here are some pointers which might help you make your decision.

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Top tips to keep up with your cash flow

21 April 2016

Money talks: when it comes to the financial management of a growing business, keeping track of cash flow is paramount. While businesses can get away with running at a loss when times are tough, they can only run out of money once. So when it comes to cash flow, what do you need to know?

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How to resolve a bad hire

15 April 2016

In the final blog in this series on Executive recruitment we look at what happens when a hire goes wrong and how your priority should be resolving the situation quickly with the least amount of damage to your business.

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Executive roles to fill & the importance of your Chairman

14 April 2016

In the previous post we looked at the executive search process and what you should be looking for in your appointments. Now it’s time to look at the roles you need to appoint in a little more detail and how you can achieve an executive team when resources are tight.

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The Executive Search Process – getting the right people on board

13 April 2016

In this post we’ll look at the executive search process through using a search agency, what you should be looking for in your appointments and how to put together a remuneration package to attract the right person.

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The Executive Team – It’s all about strategy

12 April 2016

A scaling company doesn't mean losing your culture to bureaucracy, it just means you need to start putting the right processes and systems in place that are essential for a larger business to run effectively…and that requires an executive team. So where do you start? Well, in this situation, with a view to the future.

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Executive Teams – All you need to know about building yours

12 April 2016

We’ve teamed up with executive search specialists FWB Park Brown to bring you a blog series on building your executive team covering the roles you need to fill, how to go about recruiting executives and how to handle the situation when a hire is wrong.

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How to Recruit the Best Tech Talent

11 April 2016

Recruiting top tech talent is a challenge for even the most seasoned of recruiters. From skills shortages, to an increasingly competitive market, the power is firmly in the hands of tech professionals on the lookout for the next great job. If you need to hire talented employees for tech vacancies, here are Firefish Software’s top tips.

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IV Tuesday with Alex Van Someren - what a night!

30 March 2016

Alex van Someren first spoke at an iVTuesday in April 2013 and left us tantalizingly suspended at the point in 2008, with the acquisition of nCipher. Last week he returned and delivered one of the most self-deprecating, humorous even, keynotes we’ve ever had at an iVTuesday.

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24 March 2016

If you are seeking venture capital for the first time it may feel like standing at the entrance of a maze. You know there is a way in and a way out - but anticipating the length of the journey and what might happen as you move forward can seem daunting.

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We need to sell Scottish tech harder - who's with me?

15 March 2016

In an interview last week Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg discussed his views on tech startup capitals, in particular how Berlin stacked up vis-a-vis Silicon Valley. It kind of begs the question where our fast-growing startup capital that is Edinburgh matches up.

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Re-live IV Tuesday with Skyscanner's Gareth Williams

9 March 2016

Re-live Gareth discussing the growth of the travel powerhouse that is Skyscanner and his love for AI. Plus check out all the gallery of the night.

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Funding for Growth - understanding VC's terms

4 March 2016

To have a meaningful dialogue with a potential VC investor, you should be aware of the terms often sought by VCs and why these are important to them. Some of these terms may mirror those commonly requested by angel investors but there are important differences too.

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www.where's your

25 February 2016

When starting a business it's easy to get caught up in the aspects you enjoy the most but one thing you must not neglect is the need for a website. It's your best marketing tool and shows you mean business. As websites can be built by total novices (like me!) there's really no excuse not to have one and i'll show you why.

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EIE Alumni conquer at the Palace

19 February 2016

With the theme for the 5th Pitch@Palace event set as Biotech we knew Scotland was going to knock the socks off HRH The Duke of York at Pitch@Palace last week and you did not disappoint!

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Scaling up: How's Scotland doing?

4 February 2016

This infographic comes with a warning - you will lose time to this as it's so damn interesting! Discover how much revenue scale-ups are generating per county and where those showing the biggest growth can be found.

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9 Things to consider about listing

17 December 2015

The AIM20 SUMMIT gave 45 of Scotland’s Technology, Life Sciences and Food & Drink companies the chance to learn more about a potential listing on AIM to decide if this was something they should be aiming for (sorry couldn’t resist!) or not.

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ScotEDGE Final: Scotland is the real winner

9 December 2015

Over £1million was awarded in just one day but more impressive than the money was the global ambition and foresight of this steadily growing band of entrepreneurs making Scotland the real winner.

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In the Press: AIM 20 Summit

30 November 2015

On Wednesday 2nd December Scottish companies with scaling ambitions will learn more about the opportunities available to them through an IPO on the main or Alternative Investment Market, and the ELITE programme which helps nurture those on a growth trajectory towards an IPO.

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Mallzee top of the class at EIE London 15

19 November 2015

In the face of stiff competition yesterday, Mallzee's founder and CEO, Cally Russell, emerged as the Pitch of the Day winner and can now place the prestigious EIE London award on the shelf alongside his many other business accolades.

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Scotsman Business Hangout: EIE London

18 November 2015

Steve Ewing, programme manager at Informatics Ventures, discusses this year's EIE London investors' showcase for Scottish start-ups.

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Investor showcase EIE takes start-up stars to London

17 November 2015

Mentoring organisation Informatics Ventures, which runs the annual Engage, Invest, Exploit (EIE) conference in Edinburgh, said the London event will give the featured firms the chance to meet and pitch to more than 100 investors.

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Airbnb vs Housetrip – A tale of two sites

16 September 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you can’t fail to have noticed the massive rise of airbnb and the nervous looking hoteliers who quite frankly didn’t see that one coming.

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Focus on free: Get behind ‘The Curve’

15 September 2015

A few days ago a hot new business book was brought to our attention that we just had to share with you.

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Raise your glass for Celtic Renewables!

10 September 2015

There must be something in the water over at Celtic Renewables as it seems every few weeks we see another article citing a win at a conference or recognition by industry of their work.

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A week to remember at IGNITE

1 September 2015

This Summer Informatics Ventures sponsored three Scottish Life Sciences companies to attend one of the UK’s leading residential entrepreneurial boot camps, IGNITE, run by the University of Cambridge.

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