Raise your glass for Celtic Renewables!

10 September 2015

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There must be something in the water over at Celtic Renewables as it seems every few weeks we see another article citing a win at a conference or recognition by industry of their work. So it came as no surprise this week when we saw another announcement….but this one was a whopper!

They’ve just secured £11m from the Department for Transport which will allow them to set up premises in Scotland to start manufacturing their innovative biofuel. As Professor Martin Tangney states in the original article “This funding from the Department for Transport is transformational for Celtic Renewables and will underpin the development of a brand new innovative industry in the UK.”

We are immensely proud of the achievements of Martin and Mark Simmers, Celtic Renewables CEO, and have really enjoyed watching them grow over the last few years. We first met them at EIE13 where they won our inaugural ‘Pitch of the Day’ trophy and continued their winning streak at EIE London where they won too. It was really just a sign of things to come!

If you’re not familiar with Celtic Renewables I would urge you to check them out as they really are at the forefront of a very exciting new industry. However, more than that, they are a great example of the incredible opportunities to be had when the strength of Scotland’s research institutions are combined with support from Scottish Enterprise and the talent of a CEO from the Saltire Programme.

Keep up the good work guys and we look forward to sharing more of your good news in the future.


By Nicola Bull, Informatics Ventures

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