Scaling up: How’s Scotland doing?

4 February 2016

The Scale-up movement is gathering momentum across Scotland. As we see more of the already strong support ecosystem turning their focus to scaling, inevitably we are seeing a shift in the mindset of Scotland’s entrepreneurs and business leaders…and it’s great!

So imagine how excited I was to see a recent post from Sherry Coutu CBE, pioneer of the scale-up revolution and member of the Informatics Ventures advisory board, where she was quantifying scale-ups by region. After digging a little deeper it turns out Sherry and the team at Founders4Schools have put together a really neat tool that gives you growth rates and revenues of scale-up companies by local authority…and that’s for the whole of Scotland. Even better though is you can actually see which companies have contributed to these statistics via the interactive maps.

So what does Informatics Ventures do with information like that? We put it in a nice handy infographic for you. Enjoy!





Sherry has been advising government on how to create an environment to turn the surge of start-ups into scale-ups that generate real economic benefits through her Scale up report. However, she is equally involved in creating a generational shift at the other end of the spectrum through her Founders4Schools programme which introduces school kids to entrepreneurialism at an earlier age. The programme is based around business role models so if you are at the helm of a fast growing business why not get involved in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs? Find out more at

By Nicola Bull, Informatics Ventures

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