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What makes Edinburgh an outstanding entrepreneurial city?

6 December 2016

About two weeks ago, the city I’ve called my home the last 16 years, Edinburgh, was named ‘British Entrepreneurial City of the Year’ (beating Cambridge, Leeds, London and Manchester to the title I may add – #JustSaying) in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Perhaps needless to say, as an inhabitant of the ‘burgh, a native […]

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Power a Life: The Power of Social Enterprise

19 August 2016

As part of our celebration of Scottish Entrepreneurs this week we’re catching up with Jeremie Warner, director and founder of Power A Life Ltd for our interview blog series … Power A life began when three architecture students at Strathclyde university undertaking a 12 month long design project in a Developing World context discovered that many […]

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Chris Van der Kuyl: Entrepreneur and Inspirer

1 July 2016

“We must do our utmost to develop inspire and entrepreneurial talent, wherever it is, wherever it needs to be… Where Scotland has the potential to not only imagine the future, but to invest and create it, to be an advocate for world-class entrepreneurship but also contribute to a just and fair society which recognises the talents of many and the entrepreneurial drive of a whole nation.”

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