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Our goal is to connect Scotland’s high tech entrepreneurs and investors with the next generation of innovators, bringing together the people in business, academia and Government who are passionate about creating software and web companies.


We believe that it is vital for the next generation of innovators to receive education and advice from entrepreneurs who have succeeded in business. Commercial experience is incredibly valuable, and it is essential to bring that knowledge into the academic environment. Through our practitioner led education programmes, we enable aspiring entrepreneurs to translate ideas into successful commercial ventures.


Promising informatics enterprises receive focused support and encouragement through our entrepreneurial development schemes. Our partnerships with Scottish businesses and world class universities provide budding entrepreneurs with the resources to succeed.


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We saw the lack of space for solopreneurs and budding businesspeople with fresh ideas to get them executed. So, we took up the challenge and created a space for them!

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Informatics Venture has given the world some of the best tech entrepreneurs. I am so glad to be a part of their initiative.
Hung W. Billings

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How Technology is Transforming the Drain Cleaning Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, effective and efficient drain unblocking services are more crucial than ever. Gone are the days when simple plunging and basic chemical solutions were the only answers to clogged drains. As environments become more complex, so too do the challenges associated with maintaining plumbing systems.

Technological advancements have greatly influenced the drain unblocking industry, including services like drain unblocking Gillingham. These innovative techniques have led to a more efficient and environmentally conscious unblocking process.

The Evolution of Drain Unblocking

Historically, the process of unblocking drains was a labour-intensive and often inefficient task. The primary tools were manual rods, essentially long, flexible poles that a worker would push down the drain to dislodge blockages.

This method, while simple, had its limitations. It was often ineffective against more stubborn blockages, such as tree roots or hardened deposits in Gillingham. Moreover, the reach of these rods was limited, making them unsuitable for larger plumbing systems.

Current Innovative Techniques in Drain Unblocking


Hydro-jetting, a highly effective and environmentally friendly method, is prominent in the field of drain unblocking services. It uses high-pressure water to eliminate tough blockages and thoroughly clean the pipe walls. The method involves the use of a high-pressure hose with a specialised nozzle that is inserted into the drain.

The water is thrust out at pressures that can reach 35,000 psi, potent enough to cut through obstructions as hard as tree roots, grease, and mineral build-ups. What’s particularly compelling about hydro-jetting is its adaptability; it can be modified to handle different blockages and pipe sizes, making it a viable option for both homes and businesses.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Revolutionising the way drain unblocking services diagnose issues, CCTV drain surveys offer a non-invasive and accurate method to inspect the internal condition of pipes. This technique uses a waterproof camera mounted on a flexible rod, which is navigated through the drainage system.

As the camera traverses the pipes, it sends real-time video feedback to the technician, revealing the exact nature and location of the blockage or damage. This precise diagnosis means that the right solution can be applied directly to the problem area, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary excavation.

The Future of Drain Unblocking

Advancements in technology will invariably lead to changes in the methods and techniques used for unblocking drains. Incorporating technology in this field not only boosts efficiency and precision, but also promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly method of maintaining plumbing systems. The prospects for drain unblocking are promising, and it is expected that increasingly innovative solutions will emerge as technology progresses.

Technology has greatly increased efficiency by drastically cutting down the time needed to clear blockages in drains. Tasks that used to take hours or even days can now be completed much quicker, resulting in time and cost savings for both the service provider and the client.

In conclusion, the partnership between technology and drain unblocking companies has revolutionised the industry, providing more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to plumbing maintenance. Looking forward to the future, this partnership will likely continue thriving and bringing about even more state‐of‐the‐art improvements to Gillingham.

How Technology is Transforming the Removal Experience for Customers

Laptop on a desk

The stressful relocation process has traditionally involved many manual tasks for customers – calling removal companies for quotes, filling out paper forms, and waiting for updates. New technologies are now simplifying and improving customer experience across the removal journey. Here is an in-depth look at the key ways technology is empowering removal customers:

Man and woman using laptop

Online Research and Booking

In the past, customers had to search through phone books, newspapers and Yellow Pages to find local removal companies, such as Northampton Removal Company. This manual research was time-consuming and inconvenient.

Today, major online platforms like and MoveHub allow customers to search, compare instantly, and book movers through one portal. Users can read verified reviews from other clients to evaluate companies. Listings contain important information like services offered, insurance availability and coverage area.

Interactive maps help customers view removal firms located near their neighbourhood. Built-in moving calculators provide quick quotes for reference. Some sites even offer virtual tours of company facilities and equipment.

Once customers select a removal company, they can conveniently book online by completing a short form with details like move dates, collection/delivery addresses and inventory. Digital bookings dramatically simplify the research and selection process for customers.

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

Tracking technology gives customers unprecedented visibility over their possessions during the removal process. Apps provided by the mover allow clients to see the truck’s location and progress on a real-time map. Push notifications update customers on estimated arrival times, delays, parking changes and other events.

This transparency offers welcomed peace of mind and reassurance. Customers also appreciate getting proactive notifications if any issues arise so alternative plans can be made. Knowing the status of belongings eliminates the need to call the mover for updates continually.

Tracking and notifications reflect a shift towards customer-centric removal experiences. Companies leveraging these tools differentiate themselves through enhanced communication and reliability.

Digital Inventories

Paper inventories used by removal firms often contained errors and lacked sufficient detail about customer possessions. Digital inventory apps solve this problem by allowing movers to catalogue items and create a visual record efficiently.

Customers can then digitally review the complete documented inventory for accuracy. Photos confirm the existence of high-value items like jewellery, electronics, and furniture. Digital catalogues become permanent proof of service, protecting customers and removal companies.

Digitising inventories also enables customers to selectively declare item values based on the catalogue for insurance purposes. This streamlines claims and reimbursements if any damage occurs.

man packing box

Online Customer Portals

Many removal companies now offer online customer portals with valuable features to simplify relocation management. Customers can complete digital questionnaires to provide details relevant to the move, like elevator access, parking restrictions, and appliance prep.

Document signing and payment processing can also be done electronically through the portal. Materials like packing checklists, maps, and FAQs help clients prepare. Alerts and reminders about move dates, deliveries or final payments ensure important tasks are not missed.

Customer portals give clients a centralised hub to handle all administrative tasks, reducing paperwork and phone calls. Customers appreciate the convenience, organisation and flexibility these online tools provide.

Enhanced Communication

Limited communication channels like phone and email often leave customers feeling disconnected from removal teams. New messaging apps bridge this gap by allowing real-time conversations between customers and movers.

Clients can get prompt answers to questions about packing, appliance disconnections, parking instructions and other needs. Removal crews can instantly provide updates on arrival times, route changes, and unforeseen delays. Direct messaging eliminates frustrating games of phone tag.

Some apps even enable photo sharing so customers can get visual updates on the loading/unloading process and truck packing. Enhanced ongoing communication gives customers confidence and transparency during the hectic removal process.

Phone notification


From online booking to real-time tracking, new technologies empower removal customers across every stage of relocation. Seeking movers who leverage the latest innovations allows consumers to enjoy simplified, stress-free experiences.

As technology advances, customers can expect more improvements like autonomous delivery vehicles, virtual reality furniture arranging and automated storage solutions. By embracing technology transformation, removal companies can exceed rising customer expectations and provide relocation services fit for the digital age.

Advantages of Being a Tech Startup Investor

Tech Startup Investor

The dawn of the digital age has brought forth unprecedented advancements in technology, which in turn has spawned countless startups aiming to reshape the future. As these startups emerge, so does the opportunity for investors to be part of transformative innovations. By investing in tech startups, one isn’t parking money but instead seeding the future. Here, we explore the manifold advantages of being a tech startup investor.

High Growth Potential:

First and foremost, tech startups offer the allure of high returns. Unlike traditional investments, which might offer moderate growth over time, the right tech startup can multiply an investment several times. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google were once startups that gave their early investors nothing short of astronomical returns.

Diversification of Portfolio:

Every seasoned investor knows the significance of a diversified portfolio. By incorporating tech startups into their portfolios, investors can mitigate risks associated with other sectors. As technology becomes an integral part of every industry, its resilience, even in turbulent markets, makes it a promising bet.

First Access to Innovations:

First Access to Innovations

Tech start-up investors often get a front-row seat to the latest innovations. This means access to products, services, or platforms before they hit the mainstream market. This unique advantage not only provides bragging rights but also a strategic advantage in understanding where the market is heading.

Opportunity to Shape the Future:

Investors in tech start-ups don’t just provide capital. Many times, they become mentors, offering guidance based on their experience. This active involvement allows investors to influence the trajectory of the start-up, ensuring that the business aligns with both the vision of its founders and the interests of its stakeholders.

Economic Revitalization and Job Creation:

Tech start-ups are engines of job creation. By investing in them, investors play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and creating employment opportunities, thereby contributing to the overall economic growth of a region or nation.

Portfolio Liquidity through Secondary Sales or IPOs:

With the increasing number of platforms facilitating secondary sales of private company shares, investors have opportunities for liquidity even before a start-up goes public. Moreover, successful tech start-ups often aim for an IPO, providing another lucrative exit opportunity for early investors.

Tax Benefits:

Many governments, recognizing the potential of start-ups to drive economic growth, offer tax incentives to encourage investments in them. Depending on the jurisdiction, tech start-up investors might benefit from tax credits, deductions, or exemptions, further enhancing the attractiveness of such investments.

Tax reduction

Learning Opportunities:

Being an investor in tech start-ups offers a steep learning curve. By constantly interacting with innovators and entrepreneurs, investors are exposed to fresh perspectives, ideas, and challenges. This continuous learning can be invaluable, not just for making better investment decisions in the future but also for personal and professional growth.


The start-up ecosystem is vibrant and interconnected. Investing in tech start-ups provides an entrance into a network of fellow investors, innovators, industry experts, and potential business partners. This network can be leveraged for future investments, partnerships, or other entrepreneurial ventures.

Sustainable Impact:

Today, many tech start-ups are not just profit-driven but are also mission-driven, aiming to address global challenges such as climate change, health crises, or educational disparities. By investing in these start-ups, investors can make a tangible impact, aligning financial growth with positive change in the world.


The tech start-up landscape, with its dynamism and promise, offers a goldmine of opportunities for investors. While the risks are inherent, as with any investment, the potential rewards – both financial and intangible – are immense. From financial gains and portfolio diversification to networking and making a sustainable impact, the advantages of being a tech start-up investor are manifold.

In this evolving world, where technology is at the forefront of change, placing bets on visionary entrepreneurs and ground-breaking ideas can be both exhilarating and rewarding. For those with an appetite for risks and an eye for innovation, being a tech start-up investor isn’t just a financial decision. It’s a chance to be part of a larger narrative of progress and transformation.

Engage Invest Exploit Launches In China


Last week Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) was successfully launched in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. EIE, staged by the University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Ventures, is Scotland’s premier showcase for high-growth technology companies that are seeking investment.

The participating companies were Bellrock Technology, Cognitive Geology, eoSurgical, Flavourly, Ice Robotics , IQX, Klik2learn, Mallzee, Speech Graphics, Sunamp and UWI Technology

EIE was an integral part of a visit to China organised by a partnership of Informatics Ventures, the Asia Scotland Institute, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International (SDI), WeAreTheFuture and FutureX.

In addition to pitching for investment at the EIE events, the 11 Scottish technology companies gained valuable insight into the HK and mainland Chinese markets through meetings with key local support organisations and Scottish companies already active in the region.

The group visited the Blueprint Accelerator, part of the Swire Group. This B2B focused accelerator helps drive growth in business facing companies, while providing direct access to Swire Group companies, including Cathy Pacific and Coca Cola Asia.

This was followed by the Brinc IoT Accelerator which is dedicated to supporting companies building ‘Internet of Things’ products. Brinc invests in many of the companies in the accelerator and can support companies looking to manufacture, with strong links to Shenzhen and Greater China.

EIE Hong Kong was held on Tuesday 18th October, in a room filled with investors and key influencers, on the 30th floor of KPMG’s impressive headquarters. It kicked off with a keynote address from Lena Wilson, CEO of Scottish Enterprise, who emphasised the desire to drive businessng, who explained how they can support companies  relationships between Scotland and China. She was followed by Charles Ng, Director General of Invest Hong Kolooking to setup a presence in Hong Kong.

The impressive and confident company pitches generated a lot of interest among the local investors in the audience, many of whom earlier in the day had also met with representatives from the Scottish investment community.

Having travelled north to Shenzhen, EIE Shenzhen took place on Thursday 20th at F815 Idea Land supported by the Shenzhen Creative Investment Group (SCIG). The companies were each assigned a Chinese ‘buddy’ to help with communication during the exhibition sessions.

The predominantly Chinese speaking audience of over 200 investors and business leaders were provided with company profiles translated into Chinese. The companies also had local language versions of their visual presentations. Delegates included representatives from Alibaba, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, Tencent, Huawei and Baidu.

The conference was opened by Eleanor Mitchell, Head of High Growth Ventures at Scottish Enterprise, who spoke about the opportunities in Scotland. During the company pitching and Q & A sessions highly professional simultaneous interpretation was supplied.

Danny Helsonecuring follow up meetings with investors and potential local partners. We aim to attract many of the, Programme Manager for Informatics Ventures, confirmed “Both EIE events were great successes, with the companies sm to attend EIE17 in Edinburgh on 10th & 11th May next year.”

Pete Higgins founder and CEO of UWI Technology, commented “The reaction has been amazing. Our goal was to find customers, development partners and potential investors, and we had interest from all three. We are now following up with the contacts made.”

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