Our premier technology investor showcase


EIE is the premier annual technology investor showcase featuring data-driven tech companies seeking funding from seed to series A. Our annual conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies.

You may have been to events before, and will continue to travel the world attending more, but you certainly won’t find another one like EIE.

Is it the stunning line-up of engaging international speakers? Of course.

Is it the opportunity to network with hundreds of entrepreneurs and international investors? Certainly.

Or is it all of this plus the fact that we know how to put on a world class event that you will really, really enjoy? Absolutely.

As a standalone event, it features the most innovative data-driven tech companies emerging from the Scotland, the UK and beyond.


• network with fellow investors and entrepreneurs;

• meet up to 50 pitching companies seeking investment;

• hear from industry thought leaders through our carefully selected keynotes;

• experience the vibrant tech scene and ecosystem that is putting Scotland on the map for technology innovation.

Who’s it for?

Innovative, data-driven companies and those seeking to invest.

Our companies are selected from nine sectors

AI & data science
Smart Cities & Mobility
Fintech and cybersecurity
Energy & Climate Change
Internet of Things
Robotics & Autonomy
Satellites and speace technology
Digital Health & Medtech
Creative design and Media Technology

Where else can you meet over 250 investors in just one day?

Our job, together, is to get you prepared to fully exploit this unique opportunity.


We invest our time in you, giving you the support and training to take your business to the next level, but it’s up to you to make it happen.

EIE is a 4-month programme focused on refining your business proposition and preparing you for securing investment. It culminates in a one of a kind Investor showcase where you will pitch to an audience of 800 investors, business advisers, potential partners and customers. With odds like that this an opportunity not to be missed.



If you can’t say it, you can’t sell it. EIE works with communication experts from around the world to ensure your message is clear, concise and compelling.

But investment goes beyond the pitch, and so does EIE. Investors invest in people as much as an idea so we get you, and your numbers, ready so after a killer pitch you can turn an offer into an investment.



Throughout EIE you are never alone. Our programme connects you with our trusted network of advisors, mentors and alumni. Over a series of workshops and informal events you will have access to the advice and experience of those who have been there before which is priceless. Whether you’re early stage or looking for series A funding, our investors network covers it all so you can be sure that EIE grows with you.

EIE is organised in the following format each each year, more exact dates are given nearer the time. Here is a timeline of the events you will be expected to attend if your application is successful.

applications open

1. Applications open

applications close

2. Applications close

applicants notified

3. Applicants notified


4. Bootcamp

The Bootcamp will take a look at the investment process, and where pitching fits into this. It will look at why investors think the way they do, and equip you with a framework on which to build your investor, and customer, presentations.

And you’ll get to meet an investor, and the EIE Alumnus company they invested in, to hear about thepitch from both sides. You’ll also get an introduction to doing your Handshake, and Elevator Pitch, something that will get refined over the following months.

presentations skills

5. Presentation skills

The Presentation Skills workshops will help you define clearly what your value proposition is, and begin the process of honing your 1-minute Elevator Pitches.

You should come prepared, ready to deliver your 1-minute pitch for the start of the session. It may well be quite different by the end!

These workshops are run over a half-day in small groups of up to six to allow for personal attention to be given to attendees

investor readiness

6. Investor readiness and investor100

A busy day consisting three separate components.

Kicking off at lunchtime with an IP Workshop from one of our EIE Sponsors.

This will be followed by the Investor Readiness Workshop.Giving an update of the UK investment landscape, the deals that have been happening, the likelihood of receiving VC funding, and the most likely exits companies will have. There will also be an interactive session on Term Sheets.

The day will finish off with the investor100 event. Here we turn the tables on the investors. We get different types of investors – angels, angel syndicates, crowdfunders, VC’s – to pitch to you, and you then have the chance to question them. Each investor is given a 10 minute slot per table, before moving around. So you’ll get the chance to hear from a range of investors and grill them without even having to leave your seat!


7. Pitch2Pitch panel

The Pitch2Pitch Panels are for selected companies who wish to be considered for an Extended Pitch slot at EIE 2019.

Companies taking part will be asked to give their 6-minute investor pitch, which will be followed by 6-8 minutes of formal, investor-type questions, as would happen on the day of EIE if selected. This will be followed by a further 30-35 minutes of more general questioning and feedback on the presentation, including comment on any visual aids used.The panels are made up of people from the wider business community, and EIE sponsors, and will take part in either Edinburgh or Glasgow each afternoon in 1-hour slots

countdown to EIE

8. Countdown to EIE

The Countdown event will see the whole EIE2019 cohort gather once again. We will be joined one evening by investors and business people from across our networks. This is where you will get the chance to put your Elevator Pitch into action and receive direct feedback from our guests during an intense hour of pitching. It’s a contact sport, so it’s up to you to ‘sharpen your elbows’, and get stuck in.

The following day we’ll reflect on lessons learned, and work on some techniques to ensure you are delivering at your best whenever you need to be whether it be in the Exhibition area, or on the Main Stage at EIE. You’ll be split into smaller groups through the day to work on refining your pitches. And then you need to Practice, Practice, Practice to make sure you’re ready for the day.

extended pitch

9. Extended pitch rehearsal and stagecraft

For those companies that have been selected to do an Extended Pitch there will be and opportunity to further hone your pitch, training on Stagecraft, and how to deal effectively with Q & A.

This will be done in two separate half-day workshops which will run in parallel, with half the Extended Pitchees allocated to each and swapping around at lunchtime.


10. EIE

The day before the event you will all have the chance to finally get up on the stage at the McEwan Hall in Edinburgh and deliver your pitches in situ.

Companies doing a 1-minute pitch will be asked to come for this between 10.30 am – 12.30 pm.

You’ll be advised of the running order for pitching ahead of this. Make sure you’ve kept up the Practice, Practice, Practice of your pitches.

This will be the final polish before the big day!

callum murray

If you are a potential high growth company in Scotland, this is definitely the one place to be



Cally Russell

Its not just a ‘turn up and pitch’ event – its the support package that comes with it


Leah Hutcheon

We’ve met some of our most active investors here, so it has opened a lot of doors for us and had a very big impact on the business


John Robertson

“Even if you’re not confident pitching, EIE puts you through a programme of fantastic events… It’s made me a stronger pitcher”



Sam Zawadski

We get so much invested in us – in terms of training, pitch workshops – it’s a massively valuable experience


We have had a fantastic range of Keynote Speakers at EIE since its inception, see some of them below:

Hugh Campbell

Sherry Coutu CBE

Sir Tom Hunter

Bob Keiller

Dale Murray

Sir Brian Souter

Sir Jackie Stewart