How to Recruit the Best Tech Talent

By Andy McKendry, Firefish Software

Recruiting top tech talent is a challenge for even the most seasoned of recruiters. From skills shortages, to an increasingly competitive market, the power is firmly in the hands of tech professionals on the lookout for the next great job.

If you need to hire talented employees for tech vacancies, here are our top tips, gleaned from Firefish Software’s experience within the rec ‘n’ tech industries.


Always Be Hiring

Tech talent doesn’t just fall into your lap. You have to seek these professionals out, nurture them, and draw them into the warm embrace of your business.

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled 24/7 all year round. You never know who you’ll meet at an event or expo, and you need to make sure that you build a database brimming with relevant candidates, chock full of potential.

Then, when you need that talented employee, they’re only a mouse click or a phone call away, already primed and ready to start working at your (or your client’s) business.


Network, Connect, and Build Relationships

Touching on our previous point, it’s important to get out there and find where the tech talent resides. It may not be in the places you think. Explore the digital wilds, roam around on social networks, and reach out to people that might want to work with you.

Use relevant content, curated and created, and market your business in such a way that it draws potential candidates to your branded flame. Start building a value proposition, and subtly inform talented individuals of why your business is the place to work. Excellent inbound marketing can be of use to both recruiters and businesses alike, and this approach means that candidates feel like they have more of a choice. It’s a softer sell because they come to you.

Plus, if you market it well, the candidates that apply for your jobs will be relevant, and you’ll have a better selection to choose from. Although inbound marketing can seem less proactive than cold calling potential candidates, or spamming them on social channels like LinkedIn, it’s actually a far more forward thinking and future proof approach. You build an identity and a reputation – things that candidates will notice – and they’ll be ready to hit apply when you publish your next job description.


Branding, Social Media, and Aspirational Values

Ask yourself: Why would someone want to work in my business? And then write a job description that covers relevant passion points. Start with your workplace culture, perhaps touch on your branding, and make sure that you keep your focus on tech talent and their wants and needs.

There’s no such thing as a one size workplace, and no business environment will fit (or suit) everyone. Your business needs to be agile, open to change, and easily adaptable to the new workers that you hope to employ. That’s not to say that candidates shouldn’t be expected to slot into your workplace culture – it’s simply important to make new candidates feel welcome, valued, and not just ‘another cog in the machine.’

This all becomes increasingly important when you consider retaining these new members of staff. Your workplace has to be aspirational, inspirational, and notably better than any of the other options. So think long and hard about the types of perks and incentives that you offer.


Be Innovative

Millennials are an increasing majority in the modern job market, and they don’t just want a fat pay cheque. They seek a healthy work life balance in a place that adds value (and reflects their own) and allows them to be autonomous, self-directed, and driven by purpose.

Consider offering younger candidates perks and benefits that allow for remote working, flexible hours, and an excellent work life balance. This will go a long way towards drawing these highly skilled candidates to your business, and it will certainly be a convincing proposition when it comes to retaining them too. Make sure that there are options for career development – top tech talent wants to know that they will develop their skillset in their new workplace.


Market Your Unique Identity

We all aspire to work somewhere that provides us with a sense of purpose. Ideally, our working environment will be friendly, relaxed, and innovative. It’s important to show off the best side of your business to candidates, and it’s just as important to remember that they’ll research you extensively online.

So, make sure that your blog posts, your social channels, and your overall branding paints you in the best possible light. And don’t just talk about the tech that you use, or the clients that you’ve amassed. That’s not aspirational enough for well qualified and skilled tech talent.

Instead, find shared passion points. Show them that you understand the industry, highlight what you’ve accomplished, and share with them the goals that you hope to achieve. Give your potential tech super star a clear idea of where they’ll slot in to your business and the effect that they’ll have.


Go Beyond LinkedIn

Yes, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, but its increasingly overshadowed by other social platforms. When it comes to recruiting top tech talent consider social networks like Twitter, and Facebook. And of course, attend relevant networking events and make face-to-face connections.


Top Tips

  • You have to be an expert in order to hire top tech talent. Not all recruiters know how to evaluate/assess techie candidates, so make sure that you rely on someone with the right industry knowledge.
  • Keep your web presence up to date and enticing.
  • Bring candidates to your office, and let them see what a realistic (and typical) day looks like.
  • Your brand matters, so keep it honed and aspirational.
  • Your culture matters, so make sure it’s marketed enticingly.

Be creative, think outside of the box, and hang out where the talent does – that’s the best place to start. Then focus on building relationships with people that you’d love to work with.

Keep your branding in mind, make sure that your workplace is presented in an innovative light, and offer excellent perks and incentives that reflect the values of an ideal candidate. This approach will go a long way in ensuring that your workplace is chock full of motivated, driven, and highly skilled tech talent.

Good luck!

About the Author: Working as our Content Guru, Andy plans, writes, and edits articles and blog posts for Firefish Software. He holds an MA in Professional Writing, and in the early mornings is known to gravitate towards the nearest coffee pot.